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How can Lano Furniture's beds help you arrange your child's room?

Arranging a child's room, especially a nursery or even a teenager's room, doesn't have to be difficult - just reach for the right furniture and accessories. Find out how many possibilities are offered by carefully designed beds for children and teenagers. Modernbed models make it possible to better utilise space so that the bed is functional throughout the day. House beds and loft beds are great examples of such solutions. Ergonomic space management is particularly important in small flats, where it is often difficult to reconcile appearance and functionality. Here, double and triple bunk beds are perfect for arranging aroom for siblings.

Children's beds for style, comfort and safety

Trendy interiors can be timeless and universal at the same time - thanks to this, the furnishings of a room will remain unchanged, despite the changing tastes of an older child or a teenager. The style of children's and teenagers' beds available in the assortment of Lano Furniture shop is an ideal proposal for the most discerning customers.

Children's and teenagers' beds from Lano Furniture - the ideal solution for any interior.

The proposed bed models will perfectly fulfil the function of a basic base, which is the starting point for further interior decoration. The design of the available beds will allow you to arrange them in any way you like - they will be ideal for modern, minimalist and Scandinavian-inspired solutions. They will also easily fit in with the existing arrangement of furniture and accessories, carefully complementing the interior furnishings. Explore the wide selection of beds dedicated to children and teenagers, choosing models that meet your expectations.

We design and manufacture unique children's and teenagers' beds made of pine wood

Each of the youth and children's beds we manufacture have been prepared with the safe and comfortable sleep of children - the youngest and the almost grown-ups - in mind. High-quality pine wood, safety approvals and certificates, and harmless paints make it possible to build a safe environment for your child from the very first moment. At the same time, the bed models from Lano Furniture are fully functional and allow you to create a friendly environment for your child's development. We produce beds for every age group. You can choose from a range of bed models that will grow with your child and meet the needs of an infant, a preschooler, an older child and a growing teenager.

At Lano Furniture you will find beds not only for preschool children, but also for infants and teenagers

Trendy and stylish baby cots are an option for parents who are looking for the perfect cot for their infant. Made with the utmost care, they will allow you to feel certain and safe in your choice, and will give your little one a peaceful and comfortable sleep. The proposed bed models are available in modern designs and universal colours - suitable for both boys and girls. The simple, minimalist design is the way to go for a successful arrangement - even in existing decoration.

Beds suitable for a preschool child, explore the range available in detail and decide on the type of children's single bed, a low bunk with a pull-out sleep deck or a bunk bed and create a fashionable, modern and safe space for your child's room. We have also kept in mind the little ones with a really big imagination - it is for them that we have created an offer in which you can personalise your child's bed together according to your individual needs. We will meet all your expectations.

The beds for teenagers, which you will find in the available range, are the perfect choice for discerning teenagers. Distinguished by their minimalist design and functionality, the bed models from Lano Furniture will work perfectly in rooms of any style. Opt for timeless solutions and be sure that the chosen bed model will be a perfect base for every next seasonal fashion.

Personalise your child's bed and choose a unique colour

By opting for timeless models of beds for your child's room, you can be sure that they will grow with your little one, adapting to their needs and changing fashions. When deciding on your first cot, you must be aware of the need to replace it. With your comfort in mind, we have prepared a unique range of children's and teenagers’ beds in versatile colours that are always on trend. Natural wood, white and grey are our favourites! Models in these shades not only fit in perfectly with your existing interior design, but, above all, leave you incredible freedom to decorate your interior. Personalise the bed according to your needs by choosing your favourite colour, model or type of drawers.

See how functional are the beds from Lano Furniture

Children's and teenagers' beds, which you will find in the recommended category, are distinguished by their extraordinary functionality. Modern and aesthetically pleasing finish of the proposed bed models is not all - extendable drawers, make it easier to keep order and allow for practical organisation of space. The pull-out, additional sleeping space means that a child's or teenager's room, despite its small size, can be sensibly and functionally furnished.

How to choose the right bed for a child's age and needs?

Youth has its own rules. Children grow and change and, consequently, their needs change too. They continue to grow out of old clothes, change hobbies, idols and also want to frequently modify their surroundings and the interior of their room. In addition to the child's changing tastes and personal needs, it is an undeniable fact that children are constantly growing and outgrowing many things. One of these is the bed, which every now and then needs to be replaced with a different or larger one. How do you adapt it to your child's age and changing needs? In the category of beds by age of child you will find bed models for a child of any age - from the first bed for a baby to the bed for a rebellious teenager.

Beds for infants - or the first bed for your child

Are you faced with the choice of the first bed for your little one? This purchase often keeps many parents-to-be up at night. No wonder, since babies spend a lot of time in the cot bed. It is therefore worth making it a comfortable and welcoming place. How do you choose a cot that is cute but also functional, good and comfortable? There are several options and it all depends on your taste, budget and where it will stand. Here are some tips on what to consider when choosing a baby cot: All the baby beds we sell are safe and only coated with approved paints and varnishes and have the necessary certificates. This is a very important point to bear in mind when buying a children's bed.

If you're looking for a model that will stay with you for longer, opt for a bed with a pull-out sleeping deck. When your child outgrows the classic model, simply detach the barriers in it. The pull-out section will be ideal for parents when the little one is ill, or when reading or telling bedtime stories. This model of bed is a bed that will last for several years. Do you have little storage space in the room where the bed will stand? The ideal solution for you is to choose a bed with the option of a pull-out drawer. It doesn't take up any extra space and it gives you a roomy place to store toys or bedding. Pay attention to the dimensions of the bed. These come in different options. Which dimension you choose depends on the amount of space in your room. If the bed will be standing in your bedroom where there is not a lot of space, choose the smaller option. However, if you have a lot of space and additionally want the bed to last longer, opt for the larger dimension.

Safe and stable beds for preschool children

For a toddler, the optimum bed would be one measuring 80 cm x 160 cm. Preschool age is the time when children are most curious about the world around them, have endless amounts of energy and have all sorts of crazy ideas. Some of these can be dangerous, so it is your role as a parent to ensure that your child is as safe as possible - as much as possible. So make sure the bed you choose is stable and has rounded edges. Barriers are also important so that your preschooler does not slip off the bed.

Which bed model from Lano Furniture will be perfect for your preschooler?

A few years old already loves to decide for itself what it likes and what things it would like to be surrounded by. So let your child contribute at least a little to the choice of the bed. The house-shaped bed model will be an ideal and interesting choice for any preschooler. There is also a choice of single low beds and bunk beds - ideal for siblings. With Lano Furniture you can opt for the classic and choose a bed in pine, white or grey. However, if you love colours - choose a bed for a real princess in pink or a bed model for a little explorer in blue. If your children like where they sleep, there is a better chance that they will actually spend the whole night there, without migrating to their parents' bed.

Beds for school-age children from Lano Furniture

When buying a bed for a school-age child, meaning over 7 years old, the first thing to consider is their height. Children at this age look and develop differently. For some, a preschooler's bed will still suffice, while others will need to buy something larger and often in a more classic and serious style. Why not opt for a taller model of loft bed? For a school-age child, it is already worth opting for a bed model with slightly larger dimensions, such as 80 cm x 180 cm. It is also important to choose the right mattress to prevent posture defects and back pain.

Choose from Lano Furniture beds for the most demanding, that is, beds for teenagers

80 cm x 180 cm, 90 cm x 190 cm or even 90 cm x 200 cm. These are the dimensions a bed for a teenager should have. There is nothing stopping you - as far as possible, available space and the user's own preferences - from buying a bed typically for adults, or even a double bed. It all depends on your little one and their needs. Your teenagers are unlikely to be happy if you choose a bed for them without consultation, so ask what they expect and what they like. Make sure you get a good quality mattress, of course. Healthy sleep means more desire to learn and fewer problems with the spine and postural defects. At Lano Furniture, we can help you choose the right mattress to suit your child's age.

Comfortable bunk beds for children - an ideal solution in small flats

Do your children share a room and there are two or three of them? Are you worried about how they will fit in and don't know what kind of beds to buy for them? The solution could be to buy one of our bunk beds. At Lano Furniture, we have models of two-person bunk beds as well as bunk beds for three siblings. However, if you are not a fan of high bunk beds, we recommend low two-person beds with a pull-out sleep deck. This innovative solution saves an enormous amount of space as well as money.

At Lano Furniture we open up to the customer

Some of our children's and youth beds are available with fast delivery. You can also take advantage of having the bed brought to your home. If you don't like assembling furniture and don't feel like an expert at it, we also have a bed assembly service for you. Our driver will assemble the purchased furniture for you and take the unnecessary packaging with him.

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