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Personalise a child's bed according to your child's needs

Every parent wants to provide their little one with a child's bed that fulfils their dreams. In the shops, we don't always find what meets our expectations. Sometimes, we want to change one or several elements of a given piece of furniture to make it fit perfectly into the child's room. At Lano Furniture, we are well aware that each of our customers has their own individual tastes. That is why we enable our customers to choose almost all sizes, colours and accessories of children's beds, giving you the possibility to personalise the bed according to your own needs.

Personalise your child's bed that will stay with you for several years

When deciding to buy a children's bed, we often choose one that will last for several years. It is then worth taking into account the changing nature of the children's room as they get older, the possible renovation of this room or redecoration. Personalise a child's bed to suit your child's changing needs and fashion.

Raised clearance, additional drawers, type of barrier - and many more personalisation options

Caring about your comfort, we have created a unique offer so that together you can create a beautiful bed 100% according to your own preferences. The possibilities are numerous. You can personalise the colour, the size, decide on the clearance height, the type of barrier and whether the bed will have extra drawers. Everything is in your hands.

Personalisation beds from Lano Furniture - beautiful design, extreme comfort and great security

Beds from Lano Furniture are the basis for creating unique designs. They are the starting point for further interior decoration. They are universal models that will fit perfectly into the character of any interior. Their design allows for any arrangement, both in modern and minimalist, as well as classic interiors. It is easy to match them with existing furniture and accessories. The style of the children's beds in our shop is the answer to the needs of the most demanding parents, toddlers and teenagers.

Customisable beds - bunk beds, loft beds and beds with a pull-out section

At Lano Furniture, we are aware that children's rooms, especially those located in flats, have limited space that needs to be used to the best of their ability. Therefore, we offer bunk beds or loft beds that impress with their functionality. Bunk beds with a pull-out section can accommodate two or even three siblings. In addition, you can optionally equip them with additional drawers for storing toys, bedding or other accessories. Such an innovative solution saves not only space but also money - after all, you are buying one rather than two or three beds for siblings.

Set your creativity free by personalising the beds for your child's room

Being unique is always a great asset. Original solutions not only create an aura of creativity, but also stimulate the imagination. If you're a fan of out-of-the-box solutions, then the bed personalisation option in this category will be closest to your heart. You are now free to unleash your creativity and personalise a children's bed to match your little one's room design. With the option to personalise your child's bed, you can create a real oasis that your little one will love to return to and be extremely proud of. The ideally created space will not only be a field to show off his or her scientific skills, but also for play and restorative sleep. What's more, you can personalise such a children's bed together with your child.

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